Premium faux tulips transparent Balloon Bouquet

Faux Tulips Balloon Box [ Premium ]

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Product Description

Size: 45-50CM x 45cm
Size of Box: 15CM

Our Faux Tulip Balloon Box is the perfect way to make a special occasion truly special! This balloon flower bouquet comes with premium faux tulips from Korea so vibrant they seem almost real. Uniquely curated, you'll never find a bouquet quite like this one! Side note you will never have to worry about it withering~

Specially designed and curated by Summer's Winter Florist Singapore.

Things to take note!

Our balloons are inflated and wrapped manually, hence there will be slight differences in shapes.

Decals are not included in the default price. For customized decals, kindly contact us at WhatsApp +65 82983253.
All balloons and flowers will be able to stay well inflated for at least a day. The balloon will slowly deflate due to time.

Colors of the blooms such as Hydrangeas, etc. may vary from time to time due to the season. Sometimes it can be a lighter shade or even a dark shade.

It is advisable to only opt for delivery or self-collect your order on the actual day. We will not be liable for any withering / damages to the product once it has been delivered by our courier in good condition.

Do note that all product images are for illustration purposes, actual products may vary in size and placing of wrapping papers/flowers because every bouquet is hand wrapped. We are unable to provide an exact 1:1 replicate of the bouquet seen in the photo. Nevertheless, we will do our best to deliver the products as accurately as possible.