Whispers of Emotion: A Guide to the Meaning of Rose Colours

by First Page Digital on Nov 03, 2023

Whispers of Emotion: A Guide to the Meaning of Rose Colours

Roses, with their enduring allure and intricate charm, have been the epitome of love and emotion for ages. However, the number of roses and their hues do more than look beautiful—they convey particular sentiments and messages. This guide will explore the captivating world of roses, helping you express your feelings with precision through the language of roses. Through both colour and number, roses can convey feelings even better than mere words do.

From the meaning of 7 roses to the symbolism behind 11 roses and the various rose colours, this blog will help you choose the perfect bouquet that communicates deeply without uttering a single word.

The Palette of Emotions: Meaning of Rose Colours

Understanding the meaning of rose colours is vital for expressing nuanced emotions.

  • Red Rose: The red rose is an unmistakable expression of love. It conveys deep emotions, ranging from love and respect to courage and admiration.
  • Pink Rose: A pink rose generally holds a meaning of gratitude and grace. You can give them as a token of admiration and appreciation.
  • Yellow Rose: Yellow roses signify friendship and freedom, so they are not usually given as a sign of romantic affection but are perfect to acknowledge a meaningful friendship.
  • Orange Rose: An orange rose is a vibrant choice that signifies enthusiasm and passion. Often used to express admiration or to convey a sense of fascination, it's the go-to rose for moments that call for high energy and fervour.
  • White Rose: The white rose denotes purity, innocence, and new beginnings. Typically, used in weddings, they can also express remembrance or reverence, making them a versatile choice for various occasions.

The Meaning of Number of Roses

Regarding the language of roses, the number you choose can convey specific feelings and messages as potent as the meaning of the rose colour itself. Here's what different numbers symbolise:
  • 7 Roses: 7 roses signify a sense of infatuation, meaning that you are fascinated by someone. This number is frequently chosen to convey these particular emotions.
  • 11 Roses: Presenting someone with 11 roses signifies that they are truly loved and cherished. The meaning of 11 roses is akin to declaring, "You are my treasured one," and is a beautiful affirmation of your affection and admiration.
  • 20 Roses: To convey belief and sincerity, a bouquet of 20 roses is the perfect messenger for genuine affection. It's an excellent choice for solidifying the trust and love in a relationship.
  • 33 Roses: For a relationship with depth and boundless emotional connection, a bouquet of 33 roses perfectly signifies this enveloping love and tenderness. This is the go-to number to express deep and nurturing love.
  • 52 Roses: When you need to express intense emotions, passion, and devotion, a bouquet of 52 roses hits the mark. This number tells the receiver about your unwavering commitment and the strong emotional bond that you share.
  • 99 Roses: The meaning behind 99 red roses is especially poignant—it symbolises the promise of “I will love you forever.” This makes it the quintessential choice for affirming an enduring love and deep emotional attachment. To make this grand gesture, you can find the perfect bouquet of 99 roses in Singapore at Summer's Winter Florist to convey your heartfelt message.

How to Choose the Perfect Rose Bouquet?

Harmony in Bloom (99 Roses)

  • Identify the Occasion: Different events may require various kinds of messages. A romantic evening could call for red roses, while a friendly gathering might be best complemented by yellow roses.
  • Know the Receiver: Understanding the preferences of the person you're gifting to can go a long way. Some might prefer traditional red, while others might be thrilled with a less conventional purple or orange rose.
  • Consult Rose Symbolism: Always keep in mind the meanings attached to the number and colours of the roses you're considering. Whether it's 7 or 11, pink or yellow, your bouquet should align with the sentiment you wish to express.

Choose Your Perfect Rose Bouquet with Summer's Winter Florist

In the language of roses, every hue and number carries a unique message, allowing you to convey your feelings with remarkable precision. Whether you're expressing love, friendship, or any other emotion, understanding the symbolism behind each rose can elevate your gift to something meaningful. 

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